VW Masters program

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VW Master's program

MASTER'S ATHLETES! We are very excited to announce that we will be starting a NEW cycle written and developed specifically for the MASTER Athlete, set to begin on Monday, December 5th. The goal of this program is to encompass and accommodate the physical needs and time constraints of MOST Weightlifters and CrossFitters in this age category.

We aim to fulfill this with an emphasis on prehabilitation which will be presented through a combination of detailed general warm ups, exercise specific preparation, range of motion/position improvement, technical maintenance/polishing, and auxiliary sequences. We will keep the time in the gym as manageable as possible, and veer toward optimal recovery by spreading the work out over 3 days each week, and planning for 1 hour and 30 minute long sessions. Though we believe this base work is more than sufficient, there will be an optional, 4th day of recovery/auxiliary work, and optional, extra credit exercises at the end of some of the workouts.

In addition, the program is of course ultimately set up for competition performance, if the athlete so wishes to compete, with tried, tested, and shown effective peaking methods by Coach Chad, Coach Jodi, and many Vaughn Weightlifting athletes through the years. Not only do these competition performance methods include manipulating the program toward sufficient recovery, but specific doses of certain exercises and loads in the right places with the purpose of stimulation so that the body is "wired in" and ready to lift heavy at the competition. As a bonus, there will be plenty of content and recommendations built into the program in regards to mindset, competition warm ups, competition strategy, etc.

We BELIEVE it is never too late to make changes and to see improvements, specifically where there might currently be deficits. So, the time for you to get to work is NOW....we are HERE to help!

VW Master's Program Template:

Warm Up Section(15-20 minutes)
A. General Warm Up(i.e. row, run, jump rope)
B. Shoulder/upper body prehab
C. Squat/overhead sequences

Work Section(35-45 minutes)
A. Specific Warm Up(movement 1 position prep)
B. Movement 1(snatch, clean, or jerk/press)
C. Movement 2(squat or dead lift)

Extra Credit Section(optional; 10-15 minutes)
D. Movement 3(snatch, clean, or jerk assistance)

Auxiliary Section(10-15 minutes)
A. 2-3 movement circuit(i.e. GHD, carries)

Recovery Section(10-15 minutes)
A. 2-3 mobility pieces
-(current session recovery/upcoming session prep)

Complete Session Target Time = 90 minutes

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