The vaughn program

About the Programs...

The programs on the website will be what we call "general" weightlifting programs, meaning they were not written specifically for any 1 individual but rather aiming to encompass all areas of need for one to improve and compete if they so desire in the snatch and C&J.

The truth is we believe that most athletes need at least a few, if not a lot of adjustments to any general program, or a program specifically written for them, to ensure any mobility issues, imbalances(from one side to the other, posterior/anterior dominance, upper/lower body, etc,) or weaknesses are being addressed. Otherwise, inside of a general program, compensations will likely continue and lend to stagnation of any of the above mentioned issues with higher risks for tweaks/injuries, overall improvements and long term potential, or even movement in the negative direction in these regards(how many people out there train really good for 1-6 weeks but then always seem to have something come up forcing them to modify or halt training for periods of time and therefore never really able to get a solid training cycle in...)

The goal for each athlete should be to get to the point where any good, general program will be sufficient or even ideal. If an athlete has overall good mobility and are balanced as a whole, they have far more insurance to sustain any program, a greater workload over time, and thrive from the solid, general plan.

We will have a number of additions to the program that will make the "general" weightlifting plan more complete for everyone(such as touches of mobility, gymnastics, powerlifting, crossfit,) but the 3, 5 day/week and Masters options will be the 1st feature to help you begin to individualize on your own. From there we will continue to add and have available more information and tools to help those interested individualize further!

How it works...

Your WOW(workouts of the week) will be posted at 9am each Sunday. Our aim is to make it easier for you to better plan your week, and therefore get more out of your workouts by showing you each entire week and getting that out to you in sufficient advancement.

The indicated days of the week for each program is what we feel is the ideal schedule for the written work. For example, with the 3 day/week program, we will always indicate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This can of course be adjusted to best fit your availability but do the best you can to match up the layout(ie, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, etc.) and then stick to those same specific days each week.

Choosing a Program...

As mentioned above, choosing between the options we have available that are indicated by number of days/week will be your first step toward individualization. The introductory program for this site(as an example) was initially written as a 5 day/week program and then modified down to 4 days and 3 days/week, so it is essentially the same program, written for the same purpose and peaking date. That being said, one could do the 3 day/week program one week, and the 5 day/week the next, but understand that completion and consistency are most important. This means that if you choose to try to get in 5 days on a given week but end up only getting in the first 3 or 4, then you were better off sticking to the 3 day/week program as you would have completed more of the whole picture for that week. Also, it is important to do most of the exercises on the same days each week, especially the key, heavier ones as those exercises(all exercises) and progressions are written with that separation in mind(typically 7 days.)

In addition, if this is your first time being on a weightlifting program, you are just getting back into shape, etc. then be conservative and start with 3 days, complete the cycle and then increase the number of days if you are feeling good and your schedule permits. Lastly, we recommend not to force days. This means that you really want to be on the 5 day/week program, but you have other responsibilities that sometimes takes your workout away for the day unplanned, but you are going to get those 5 days in no matter what, if that means you have to do 5 days in a row and start your workouts at 9pm....this is very much forced, stressful, usually overall hindering, and unnecessary for progress. We understand that these things happen and workouts are missed from time to time. It is not the end of the world, just do your best up front to set yourself up for success. The more comfortable your schedule is, and the more relaxed you are within, the more likely a missed day won't mean as much or be impossible to make up.

Program Prerequisite...

We highly recommend that you read the following article before getting started. We believe this will be a stimulous to get you more familiar and in line with the method, understand what we are prioritizing and why, and initially and continually help you simplify all of the information we have and will have coming at you.

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